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Board, Workgroups and Committees

AMAT will forever be indebted to our volunteers from the donation and transplantation community listed below!

The AMAT Nomination Committee is please to present the nominees for the 2021-23 Board of Directors!

All active members are eligible and encouraged to vote. Ballots are available here and voting ends Friday, July 30!

Vote early and get entered in a drawing for 1 of 3 AMAZON Gift Card. Winners will be notified via email.


Our fantastic team of selfless professionals from the healthcare, donation, and transplantation fields is making a purposeful contribution to better the multicultural donation and transplantation community.

We are continually seeking members of the donation, transplantation, and healthcare professional community to serve in various capacities. If you are interested in discovering ways to get involved, please contact us.

Marion Shuck, President
Maria Veve, Immediate Past-President
Mark Tudor, President-Elect
Jeff Thomas, Treasurer
Ruth Duncan Bell, Secretary

Brianna Doby, Member at Large (Appointed)
Janet Dominguez, Member at Large (Appointed)
Jennifer Henderson, Member at Large (Appointed)
Jeffrey Graham, Member at Large (Elected)
Ieesha Johnson, Member at Large (Appointed)
Kelvin Satcher, Member at Large (Elected)
Tanya Smith, Member at Large (Elected)

Remonia Chapman, , Gift of Life Michigan
Dave Bosch, Eversight
Joe Ferreira, Nevada Donor Network
Bobby Howard, Lifelink
Lisa Upsher, CORE
Jacqueline Burgess-Bishop, National Kidney Foundation of Illinois
Kevin Lee, Mid-America Transplant
Michele Clayton Lucas, LiveOnNY
Janice Whaley, Donor Network West
Jack Lynch, Gift of Hope

Barbie McKennie Harmon, Chair, Conference Planning
Mark Brevard, Co-Chair, Conference Planning
Candee Candler, Chair, Fundraising
Miriam Moore, Co-Chair, Fundraising
Lisa Upsher, Chair, Finance
Jeff Thomas, Co-Chair, Finance
Marion Shuck, Chair, Office Administration
Executive Committee, Co-Chair, Office Administation
Candee Candler, Chair, Fundraising
Ali Morales, Chair, Bylaws
Olivia Fox, Chair, Public Relations
Denise Peoples
, Chair, Membership
Lauren Plavnick, Chair, Education & Training

African American

Mission Statement:


To support the overall mission of AMAT by providing continuing education, sharing of resources, expanding organizational outreach and serving as the collective voice and advocate for African American needs in the field of human donation and transplantation.


Join the Workgroup


The African American workgroup would like to extend an invitation to join our committee. We meet the second Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m. EST. You do not have to be African American to join the group! We only ask that you be willing to share your expertise and ideas as it relates to successful outreach efforts within African American communities.


Asian/Pacific Islander

Mission Statement


Asian Pacific Islander (API) Workgroup focuses efforts to understand cultural and other barriers that influence the various API communities and their desire to save and heal lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.


Karen Gans, Chair, Senior Transplant Coordinator (LiveOnNY)
Lalaine To, Co-Chair


Our Vision and Commitment


Done Vida LogoThe AMAT Latino Workgroup unites OPO professionals dedicated to serving Latino communities. Sharing strategies, best practices and innovative communications – the LWG strives to increase donor designations and create a culture of donation to save and improve lives. The LWG is a valuable resource – providing communication tools, outreach ideas, and assistance with Spanish-language needs to better reach Latinos.


Jennifer Aguilar, Chair, Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue
Ingrid Palacios, Co-Chair

Native American

Mission Statement


We will support the mission of AMAT by providing continuing education and sharing of resources, but most importantly, we will expand organizational outreach to all Native American communities.


Join the workgroup


The Native American workgroup would like to extend an invitation to join our committee. We meet the 2nd Thursday of each month each month at 1:00 p.m. CST. We only ask that you be willing to share your expertise and ideas as it relates to successful outreach efforts within Native American communities. Please contact RaChelle Gruba for information.


RaChelle Gruba, Co-Chair
Ron Ruybal, Co-Chair

Education and Training

Lauren Plavnick, Co-Chair

Jennifer Henderson, Co-Chair


Dee Preston, Chair

Family Services

Liliana Amador, Chair
Erika Veletto, Co-Chair

Hospital Development
Clinical Development

Salvadore Guerrero, Chair