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If you would like to update or cancel a previously submitted event, please do not fill out an additional form request. Send your changes to events@amat1.org for processing.

AMAT’s events calendar lists upcoming multicultural webinars, meetings, events, and workshops sponsored by organ procurement organizations, donate life affiliated organizations, transplant centers, not-for-profit organizations, scientific associations, universities, and government agencies. To have your organization's considered for listing: The event must be affiliated with an approved partner of AMAT. Events are reviewed, edited and added to the calendar at the discretion of the calendar editor and administrators. Events are published at the discretion of AMAT.

Please complete the form below to submit your event. A two-week minimum lead time is recommended for submissions, when possible, to make sure the editor has time to review your request with ample time for your event to be promoted on the calendar and relevant feeds. If an event does not appear to meet the requirements, it will be deleted from the calendar submission queue. Publication of events is at the discretion of the calendar editor. Please do not use special characters (such as -, +, 🙂 in the event title, it will prevent your submission from being accepted.

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