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September 2019

Yvette was diagnosed in 2001 with primary sclerosing cholangitis, this liver disease eventually put her on the transplant waiting list for over six years. While she waited, Yvette started volunteering in several organizations and enjoyed the work of educating her

Australian Saved by United States Tissue Bank Turia Pitt, an elite athlete, acclaimed speaker, author, mining engineer and former model recently visited Gift of Life Donor Program. Her visit was a remarkable triumph – one of many since Turia suffered burns

Living near a hospital in his native country of Burma, Pastor “Jum” Maw San Awng remembers health professionals venturing into the streets to ask for blood donations for patients undergoing surgery and treatment inside the hospital. As someone with a

After son’s sudden death, local mother advocates for organ donation A local mother is passionate about advocating for people to become organ donors. Markita Lewis opted to donate her son’s organs after he suffered a fatal asthma attack and went into cardiac

Sister Saves Brother’s Life As told by Dawna Goode I never really considered organ donation until the need hit my immediate family. Organ donation seemed taboo to me, and I feel like it is to a lot of minorities. I